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Archie’s Adaptations Accomplished!

We’re excited to bring you news of the completed extension to Archie’s home to create a new bedroom and enlarge the existing bathroom to create an accessible wetroom for the 9-year old.

The project also involved widening all doorways to create space for wheel chair access, creating a wheelchair ramp in the back garden from Archie’s new bedroom for direct garden access, plus levelling all floors throughout the house so Archie’s wheelchair can manoeuvre throughout his home without obstacles.

Archie’s parents detail the difficulties they faced prior to the adaptations being made:

“Doors were not wide enough for Archie’s wheelchair, and thresholds between each door made it difficult to get a wheelchair over and his Walker. Archie’s bedroom was incredibly small and could only just fit his special bed in there.”

Archie’s Dad continues:

“It’s made life so much easier now we have wider doors, no thresholds and Archie’s bedroom is big enough for his bed and space to play and move about in. It’s taken the strain off part of our lives that was creating unnecessary difficulties. When he gets older and larger we now have the facilities to deal with this.”

To ensure the project’s materialisation Archie’s family successfully raised the £9,000 needed above the Disabled Facilities Grant they received towards the project to extend the family bungalow to meet Archie’s needs.

Having been recommended to Sullivan’s Heroes through Archie’s Occupational Therapist, Archie’s parents explain the benefit the charity brought to the project “Sullivan’s Heroes helped us financially to lay an even floor throughout the bungalow for easier wheel chair access. Costs were spiralling beyond our expectation and without their contribution we could not have achieved what we wanted for Archie.”

Archie’s Dad concludes:

“It’s an amazing charity and without them, it would be a lot harder to get the adaptions you require for children that need that extra help. We can’t thank you enough for the help you gave us to achieve our goal to give Archie the best life we can possibly give him. Thank you.”