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Amelia’s amazing adaptations are ready!

We are thrilled to bring news of the latest completed project from Sullivan’s Heroes for Amelia – which we think is a fine way to celebrate her recently turning 10 years old!

The project, which saw Amelia’s family needing to raise the £9,357 shortfall above a Disabled Facilities Grant awarded for the works, involved extending the existing lounge of the family home into the car port area to create a level access bedroom and shower room for Amelia.

Amelia’s Dad enlightens us on why the adaptations were so important: 

“Amelia has Angelman Syndrome, global development delay and epilepsy. The difficulty with taking Amelia upstairs was getting harder as she got bigger. The stairs were a major stumbling block each day and bathing her was very difficult.”

Sullivan’s Heroes were delighted to be able to support Amelia’s family throughout the works, as Amelia’s Dad advises:

“Sullivan’s Heroes provided support and advice on how to apply. Fiona kept in touch all the way through the process.”

He continued, to explain how the charity can help other families in similar situations by providing: 

“Very good advice and help on applications. And of course help with grants.”

Now that the funds have been raised to complete the building works, Amelia and her family are delighted with the results, elaborating:

“We now have a downstairs adaptation where Amelia sleeps. She can be dressed downstairs and there is a shower for her to be washed. It's a massive help and makes each day far easier.”

Amelia’s Dad also explains how the new space will help the family ongoing: 

“It makes it easier for all of us. She is ready for bed much more quickly and is far happier, which is better for everyone.”

We’re so pleased at Sullivan’s Heroes for the differences the new spaces have made to the family, and we conclude with these much appreciated words about the charity from Amelia’s Dad: 

“Thank you very much for all your help, advice and support through all of this. It's amazing that you do all of this for people.”