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Amber Living and Grumitt Wade Mason support Sullivan's Heroes for 2024

We’re delighted and most grateful at Sullivan’s Heroes to be receiving support from Amber Living and Grumitt Wade Mason for their 2024 fundraising challenge.

The 13 members of the combined offices of both companies, will be taking on a monumental ‘Cycle to the North Pole’ challenge.

Over the course of 100 days, the 13 employees will cycle the required 14.57 miles a day, split between the 13 people – either in the office, at the gym or out on the roads.  As the team tells us: “It’s quite the challenge for a group of office workers, but we think we’ll be able to do it!”

Both Amber Living and Grumitt Wade Mason are no strangers to the disabled children, and their building adaptation projects, which Sullivan’s Heroes supports. The two companies are, and have historically been, the chartered surveyors and architectural consultants involved in a number of the projects being undertaken through the charity. So it seems most fitting that their fundraising efforts will be utilised directly to support the type of children’s home adaptation projects they undertake daily in their work lives.

We wish the team well for their challenge and look forward to bringing further news of their progress.