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AJ’s Legacy support a ‘Downstairs bedroom and wet room for Rez’

We are delighted to have received support recently from AJ’s Legacy, with an amazing £12,500 donation towards building a ‘Downstairs bedroom and wet room for Rez’.

These funds will be used to meet the significant shortfall above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded for Rez’s adaptations project. 

The building works will extend Rez’s home to increase the living space and add an accessible bedroom and wetroom for the 13-year-old Rez, so he can continue living at home, in a safe and relaxed environment that meets his medical requirements and helps him gain independence as he grows. 

Our thanks to all involved, from Sullivan’s Heroes together with Rez and his family – this generous donation will enable life-changing differences to be made for Rez, allowing him to be cared for safely and with dignity in his own home. 

“AJ’s Legacy is a Stowmarket based charity, we are really pleased that we have been able to donate towards the wet room for Rez knowing how much it will help with day to day life.” Jayne Jones, AJ’s Legacy.