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A 'Safe Space for Jonah' makes all the difference!

We’re as delighted as Jonah and his family are to bring news of the 'Safe space for Jonah' that has been created for the 16-year old.  

Jonah’s Mum explains the needs for the adaptations to make the home safer for Jonah and the family by creating a downstairs bedroom space and bathroom for Jonah: 

“Dealing with Jonah's challenging behaviour, when both children had bedrooms near one another was difficult. Jonah's brother was constantly being woken up each morning and evening, and in the night if Jonah was unhappy. We struggled to maintain safety when Jonah was having a meltdown, as we were all on the same landing. If both boys were in their rooms, I had to stay upstairs so that I could keep an eye on them, in case Jonah hurt his brother.”

Having been awarded a £30,000 Disabled Facilities Grant for the adaptations project required on Jonah’s home, together with receiving some funding from external charities, Jonah’s family were still £5,000 short of the full funds needed to complete the project.

Raising the funds through Sullivan’s Heroes, the family reached their target through fundraising activities and sourcing additional funds via further organisations.

Jonah’s Mum explains the support Sullivan’s Heroes brought to the project:

“Sullivan's Heroes generously contributed financially to the work, meaning that it was possible to go ahead. This is an amazing charity, not only did they financially support us, but I felt cared for and heard.”

The new space that has been created for Jonah not only looks fantastic but has brought many benefits to Jonah and all the family as a whole. 

Jonah’s Mum continues, detailing just some of these differences: 

“Jonah now has his own bedroom and shower room separate from us downstairs, giving him his own space and meaning that we are no longer constantly disturbed. 

“We are now able to keep ourselves safe more easily, due to the space. I can now be in the kitchen or lounge while both boys are in their rooms and know that I am able to intercept Jonah before he reaches his brother.

“The extension means that Jonah will hopefully be able to remain living in the family home, which was seriously becoming an issue. Lockdown would have been impossible without this work.”

As Jonah’s Mum concludes, we are also delighted at Sullivan’s Heroes to hear the benefits the adaptations are bringing to Jonah and all the family:

“Thank you so much. Our life is so much better now and everyone is less anxious and uptight.”

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