We are very excited here at Sullivan’s Heroes about Abi & Ben’s Rust 2 Rome Challenge this July. Abi Quinn, who is Sullivan’s cousin, and Ben Blackmar will be setting off from Edinburgh on 1st July 2018 – driving all the way from Scotland to Rome in just 10 days – stopping off briefly at some rather Rust2RomeSupportNowbeautiful landmarks on the way.

The car they will be taking on this 4,500 mile journey through Europe has to be bought for under £500 (hence the ‘rust’ element of the challenge!) and Abi and Ben will be painting the car in the unique light blue colour and purple spots of Monsters Inc.’s ‘Sullivan’.

The challenging route features countless hairpin bends and long stretches of twisting roads, as seen in the famed James Bond and Italian Job movies, including the Col de Turini high mountain pass in the Alps, a renowned stage in the Monte Carlo Rally.

All funds raised through Abi and Ben’s Rust2Rome challenge will be used towards home adaptation grants for the disabled children Sullivan’s Heroes is supporting. We are extremely grateful to Abi and Ben for taking part in this epic event, and wish them all the best for their route to reach the Roman Coliseum safely, and hopefully without breakdowns!

The whole journey will be filmed and posted on Rust2Rome’s Facebook page so you will be able to follow the Sullivan team on their exciting journey. Any support you can show this intrepid pair and their Sullivan vehicle – by way of sponsorship, car parts or supplies – is greatly appreciated indeed.

To support Abi and Ben, and raise funds for Sullivan’s Heroes please visit: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/abi-quinn1