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The garden at the house is in a very bad way following extensive adaptations to our home to ensure we can meet Avery's very complex needs. We managed to secure a Disabled Facilities Grant from the Local Authority to contribute towards the works, a bank loan and unfortunately we have now run out of money. We would like to fundraise for a grant to make the garden a safe and relaxing place for her.

Avery's favourite activity is to bounce on her trampoline which also helps to strengthen her muscle tone.  Due to Williams syndrome, Avery has a very low muscle tone.  Her biggest wish at the moment is to have access to the garden again so she can enjoy the fresh air and bounce on her trampoline.  Unfortunately due to Avery's heightened sensory issues, we are unable to go the park as loud noises make her ears hurt.

Avery has underlying Williams Syndrome.
This means that Avery has Global Developmental Delay, Right ventricular hypoplasia with right ventricular hypertrophy (for which she is under regular Paediatric Cardiology review), Bilateral Camptodactyl (for which she is under regular review by a specialist Paediatric Plastic surgeon and also undergoing hand therapy to improve her hand function), Bilateral curly toes (for which she is under the care of a consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic). Avery also has regular Speech and Language therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy to support her development.

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