Glasspool Charity Trust support ‘George’s Help for Home Adaptions’

Our thanks to all at Glasspool Charity Trust for their continued support, including their recent generous £1,000 donation towards ‘George’s Help for Home Adaptions’.

These funds will be used towards the additional £12,000 required above the Disabled Facilities Grant awarded for home adaptions to allow George freedom of access using his powered wheelchair, including specialist bathroom equipment that he needs, to live safely and with dignity as he gets bigger.

Our thanks to everyone involved in bringing about this positive and life-changing difference for George and his family, enabling George to be cared for in his own home as he grows.

"At Glasspool we believe that everyone should have the basics they need for a good life, so they cope when things get tough, manage better day-to-day and build a stronger future.” Julie Green, Chief Executive, Glasspool Charity Trust