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Emani is a happy 14-year-old boy that loves life, despite his multiple disabilities, he is engaging and cheeky, a true joy to be around. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and is quadriplegic. He has significant spasms; his severe spasticity is managed by an Intrathecal baclofen (ITB) pump in his abdomen. He has significant hearing, sight loss and no speech, prone to choking and difficulty regulating his temperature.

Emani has managed to defy the odds; he continues to enjoy all aspects of life and participates in as many activities as possible. He loves messy play, cooking and now operates a head switch to make choices for the next song or movie. Emani’s ultimate wish is to have a relaxing bath, a daily shower and cooking in the kitchen. In addition experience his love of bumpy motion and movement, the breeze in his face, rain drops on his cheeks, whilst being pushed in his wheelchair or to ride a customised bicycle (once found), around the garden. Unfortunately, he is confined to two rooms and access to the small family room requires lifting him in his wheelchair.

The pressure is on to complete the adaptions, he is due an important operation in 2022. It would be a huge relief for his post-operative care to take place in an environment that is safe and suitable to optimise his recovery.

It has been a long process and battle to get to this point, so any donations will greatly received and appreciated. Many thanks.

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