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Vinnie OConnor

Vinnie is 12 years old. He has Autism, Global Development Delay, Hyper-mobility and Hyper-sensitivity. At the moment Vinnie shares a bedroom with his teenage brother which causes him much distress. Vinnie needs his own space and somewhere to go when he needs quiet time. Vinnie is generally a very happy boy and needs a strict routine. Vinnie is very delayed in communication, motor skills and social skills. We are working very hard with Vinnie to develop these skills along with trying to make him as independant as he can be. Vinnie does need his own bedroom and wet room to help towards his development.

Vinnie hates too many people and is oversensitive to noise, touch and smell.

Vinnie loves to be surrounded by all his belongings. He loves his pet cornsnake Samuel.

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Joined 12 - 11 - 2018

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